KAISO KAFE celebrates T&T history with our musical historians, the calypsonians.

Tune in weekdays on TALK CITY 91.1 FM and learn the real historical facts and events that our calypsonians recorded in song. You might even find out the real story behind Sparrow’s “Jean and Dinah”, even if you can’t meet the ladies themselves!

Learn about the feud between Sparrow and Kitchener, or what the Shadow was thinking when he composed “The Bassman”. And discover all the many national love songs written over the last 50 years by our calypsonians — the nation building song.

OUR NATION’S HISTORY IN KAISO is researched, written, produced and presented by KAISO KAFE host, Llewellyn Short Pants MacIntosh.


About talkcity91.1fm

TALK CITY 91.1 FM brings a different approach to talk radio. We like the idea of giving everyone an equal chance to talk. In TALK CITY, you find presenters who WILL NOT yell at you, insult you or make you feel small when you have your say. We're all about democracy and free speech in this CITY! And we're also big on local music and culture: our musical playlist comprises only acts from Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean...

One comment

  1. Dcupid

    I was quite fortunate to hear/catch/journey with your host your programme on monday Night between eight and nine a most interesting experience and I was wondering if you can also announce/list the tracks that were played supporting the historical insights i believe i missed it

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