News Headlines for Tuesday 4th September 2012

Following industrial action by Petrotrin workers, there were few lines at the gas stations in North Trinidad, but there were long lines in the South.


Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine says industrial action by Petrotrin workers has wide reaching effects.

NP advises that fuel deliveries have been made to service stations in the North and along the East-West Corridor from its Sea Lots gantry.


NPTA joins TTUTA in expressing disappointment with the number of school repairs which were not completed during the July/August vacation.


Education Minister Dr. Tim Gopeesingh says the upkeep of some 900 schools throughout the country is a huge undertaking.


Finance Minister Larry Howai says despite the global economic downturn Trinidad’ and Tobago’s economy remains relatively stable.


Over 175 films from T&T and within the region will be screened at the T&T Film Festival with one lucky filmmaker walking away with over US$150,000.

 The Shipping Association and the TTMA will host Trade Facilitation Forum.


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