PRINCE-LEE ISIDORE goes after USD$660,000.00 WBC Opportunity

Trinidad and Tobago’s best boxing prospect, Prince-Lee Isidore left early this morning for the biggest encounter of his boxing career thus far. Isidore is set to face Guyana’s Clive Atwell in a twelve round WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) Junior Welterweight title bout on Saturday night at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall in Georgetown, Guyana.


Much is at stake in this bout as the winner qualifies for the CABOFE tournament which starts February 2013. The winner of the CABOFE tournament will receive USD $ 660,000.00 and the opportunity to fight for the WBC Junior Welterweight World title, a bout which will earn the champion a pay day of one million dollars.

Working Isidore’s corner will be his trainer/manager Bharrath Ramoutar, second/cornerwoman Ria Ramnarine and Mr. Boxu Potts. Both boxers requested neutral judges and this was agreed to by the WBC who assigned Tommy Thomas (Trinidad), Andrew Thorne (Guyana) and Harold Lawrence (Curacao) to the bout. All parties were in agreement of the officials assigned.

After Isidore’s last bout on September 02, 2012, he continued his training regime. His coach, Bharrath Ramoutar expressed utmost confidence and satisfaction in Isidore’s preparation. “Prince has done everything required of him. He trained twice a day without complaint, approaching each session full of energy and enthusiasm. And when his employers hesitated to give him the necessary time off for preparation, Prince took no pay leave from his job to ensure he had sufficient time to train and rest. He is bringing the Cabofe title back to Trinidad and Tobago”. Special Advisor to the Trinidad and Tobago Boxing Board of Control, Mr. Boxu Potts also stated that he was quite confident in Isidore. Potts, who was instrumental in getting this bout organized, said that from what he has observed in Isidore’s previous bouts, he believes the T&T fighter will be able to quickly analyze and outwit his opponent. “I don’t believe Atwell can stand up to the punching power of Prince. I see the bout going two rounds with Prince as the winner”.

The aggressive boxer, dubbed “Mini Mike (Tyson)” by his trainer and fans, has sparred over one hundred and twenty rounds, done extensive road work including 6 mile runs and running up the hills of Macqueripe and Fort George, weight training and a perfect mix of bag and hand-pad sessions. Consuming a balanced diet of carbs, protein and the necessary nutrients, Isidore sports a ripped and muscular physique at a compact 140lbs.

Isidore indicated that he was fit and ready both mentally and physically. “I’m ready for this bout, ready to make my country proud. While I didn’t expect such a great opportunity to come so early in my career, this is what I have been waiting and preparing for. My coach has always instilled in me that great opportunities come when you least expect it, therefore always be prepared. I also know that lost opportunities are never regained therefore I am grabbing this one with both hands, body and soul. My speed, strength and power will be my advantage in this fight. I have a reputation for knocking out my opponents and I intend to maintain that. I ask for the support of my country and I will not let them down”.


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