National Carnival C ommission Media Release – January 24th 2013

Increased Prize Money Allocation to Kings & Queens, Juniors & Seniors, Calypso and Steel band.


Based on recommendations made by the National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA), TUCO and Pan Trinbago to the National Carnival

Commission (NCC), increases in prize monies were advocated to the  Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism.  On January 17th Cabinet approved the increase in prize money to the Junior and Senior Kings and Queens Competitions for Carnival 2013.


Chairman of the National Carnival Commission, Allison Demas says, “We at the NCC are very excited to share with the Carnival community the increase in prize

money for 2013. The NCC remains committed to supporting and developing Mas, Calypso and Pan to ensure that our Carnival product is sound and promotable.” 


Mr. David Lopez, President of the NCBA stated, “The prizes in these competitions have been historically very low and we welcome this opportunity to improve our offerings to the winners. We

have lobbied many former Ministers, and we’re grateful to the Minister and the Chairman of the NCC for the value they have placed on the Carnival, particularly the Mas.  In many instances we’ve been able to secure at least a 100% increase in the winning.  We continue to lobby on behalf of our membership”.


Junior Kings & Queens


Our Junior Kings and Queens are the future of the festival and we are proud to have them compete and display alongside the seniors in this year’s BiG Friday event. 36% of the additional approved funding or $ 480,500 has been allocated to our Junior Kings and Queens in their school/non-school, open and Junior King and Queen of the day competitions.  In 2012 the total prize allocation for these Junior events was $ 143,550 and for 2013 the figure has been increased to $ 624,050.


These Junior events allow us to gain participation from the schools,  an avenue of stimulating the young masqueraders and stimulating the future growth and development of the Mas product. In this category of Junior Kings and Queen’s the top 15 contestants will receive prize money.


Junior Prizes for 2013


Junior Kings and Queens – Open

1st Place – $20,000

2nd Place – $18,000

3rd Place – $16,000


Junior Kings and Queens – Schools

1st Place – $7,000

2nd Place – $6,000

3rd Place – $5,000


Junior King and Queen of the Day

1st Place – $12,000

2nd Place – $11,000

3rd Place – $10,000


Senior Kings, Queens and Individual Competitions

Our senior competitors will also benefit significantly from the additional prize allocations. Their total allocation amounts to $844,000 or 64% of the increase. These increases have been allocated

to the 10 positions in each of the Kings and Queens Finals competition. The total paid to each of the 1st place Senior King and Queen will now be increased to $250,000 from the 2012 figure of $120,000 each. The total prize fund for all winners of the Senior Kings and Queens Finals competitions will move from a 2012 figure of $824,000, more than doubling in2013 to $1,668,000. Senior Prizes for 2013


Senior Kings and Queens will receive

1st Place – $250,000

2nd Place – $170,000

3rd Place – $120,000


Prizes for Calypso Monarch and Pan Prizes


Calypso Monarch Prize Structure 2013

Prizes are available for the top 12 performers.

1st Place – $1,OOO, OOO.OO

2nd Place – $5OO,OOO.OO

3rd Place –   $275,OOO.OO

4th Place –   $175, 000.00

5th Place –   $100,000.00

6th – 12th Place – $60,000.00


Pan Trinbago Prize Structure 2013

Prizes are awarded to the Top 10 bands in the Large, medium and small bands categories and the top 16 in the single pan bands.

1st Place – Large Bands – $1,000,000.00

2nd Place – $700,000.00

3rd Place – $650,000.00


1st PlaceMedium Bands – $600,000.00

2nd Place – $550,000.00

3rd Place – $500,000.00


1st PlaceSmall Bands – $400,000.00

2nd Place – $350,000.00

3rd Place – $300,000.00


1st PlaceSingle Pan Bands – $200,000.00

2nd Place – $120,000.00

3rd Place – $95,000.00


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