Superblue vs. Machel in Road March 2013 race

Superblue’s “Fantastic Friday” has emerged as the frontrunner for the 2013 Road March title in a two-horse race with defending champ Machel Montano.


The race for the coveted road march is a close one, but unofficial estimates at the Queen’s Park Savannah indicate that the eight-time winner Superblue is slightly in the lead.

Superblue last won the Road March in the year 2000 in a controversial tie with Iwer George but fell off the radar after that.

Machel Montano’s popular “Float” has also been the tune of choice of the major bands at the various judging points.


Montano has five Road March titles and a win this year would complete a hat-trick of titles.

If Montano can pull off the hat-trick, he would be the fifth man in history to do so after the Roaring Lion, Kitchener, Tambu and his main rival this year, Superblue.


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